Dolphin Bay – Video

Dolphin Bay from Joey Daoud on Vimeo.

A few weeks back when I went up to the film school to take pictures at their Gala, I was invited to tag along to go swimming with dolphins and film it. Um, awesome.

Gabrielle has been swimming with this same pod off the coast of Panama City since she was four. They’re completely wild dolphins and they love to hang out in this area and check everyone out. I think it was as much fun for them as it was for us.

Before anyone goes off on how there’s some law against this or you’re not supposed to touch them (even if they rub right up against you), I’d like to point out that Fish and Wildlife Management was in the area, and they did come to us only to tell us that our diving flag needed to be higher so boat wouldn’t run over us as we swam with the dolphins.

I should probably insert some bit here on how you should see The Cove. I haven’t seen it yet, but I only hear great things, so I’m sure it’s good. But you should watch my video first.

I shot this on a Sony EX1, Flip Ultra HD, and Flip Ultra SD in a Flip underwater case. That was a whole fiasco. (more…)

Desdra, Haiti

By far the place that interested me the most when I went to Haiti was Desdra. Desdra is a remote village right on the shore, surrounded by mountains and lush trees.

The village was described as something you’d find in National Geographic, and it wasn’t too far off. It takes a rough jeep ride to get out there, on a road that’s flooded for part of the year, cutting the village off from receiving supplies.

While the locale is beautiful, trash litters the beach. The people are willing to work, the only problem is there is no work.

One man hand builds fishing boats, designed for short range sailing. However many of them will be used in attempts to make it to South Florida.

There are also canoes hand carved out of logs. When we visited, the children took them out into the water, sailing around, splashing each other, and having a good time.

That was one thing I noticed around Haiti – no matter how bad the situation, the children were always smiling and having fun.

Pushing Off Again

Set Sail

Hut on Beach

More Photos

Photos, Photos, Photos

Hey You

I never thought I’d see the day, but I’ve finally gotten a pretty good hold of Photoshop, dare I say an expert intermediate user. But that hasn’t come without pain, mainly in my shoulder from hours of sitting, coming up with a “look” for the Haiti photos. I blame it all on the Aeron chair, or lack there of.

I had an Aeron chair for about a year. Sort of complicated story, but I had borrowed it from a professor for a prop in my film, but then he went off to direct a movie so I held onto it, and then he came back and I had to give it up. So now I’m back in my old, crappy chair that I haven’t used in, well, a year and now my shoulder hurts.

But I guess no pain, no gain. Yeah right, I’m getting a new chair.

So here are some photos that I’ve put up from the first batch. They’re from when we first landed and went straight to Cite Soleil. It was probably one of the most surreal experiences. It literally is like the edge of the world. Amazingly the kids were really playful and smiling. I guess they got a kick out of a few white guys walking through their camp. They would keep yelling, “Hey You!,” probably the only English they know.

They really got a kick of having their picture taken and then looking at it. Digital cameras – breaking cultural barriers.

Here are a few more photos (all the photos are on my Flickr page):

Guitar Hero


Key on Necklace

Adventures in Haiti

Tomorrow morning I’m going to Haiti. Word got out on the street that I do documentaries, so I’m going with someone to get a doc setup for the summer. However, what I’m most excited about is all the photo opps.

I’ll be there for about 5 days. I think it’ll be eye-opening.

If you’re curious, I’ve written about some of the preparations I went through over at the documentary blog, including helpful travel websites and making your own digital dog-tag.

The good old iPhone works over there, so I’ll be tweeting my adventures (follow me).

Stay tuned.

Photo by Sam’s Pics Picks

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