Living with Ed, Survivorman, Local TV Commercials – Mid-Week Coffee Break

Living with Ed Production Notes – Even the production tries to be green.

Survivorman’s Les Stroud – Nice article about the production of Survivorman. The only production costs seem to be replacing their Sony HVR-Z1Us.

50 Greatest Local TV Commercials – If you only watch one, watch the first one.

Film Editor Christopher Rouse on The Bourne Ultimatum

In the Bronx, a Film School With a Ghetto Name – Documentaries forbidden?

Hollywood Physics – Some get it right (2001), but most get it wrong (Armageddon).

eCommerce…as Imagine in 1967 – Eerily spot-on from 1999 A.D.

Retro-Futuristic Motion Logos – Nice collection of cheesy studio logos that went out of style a week after they were made.

Hot Rat-Taunting Story Documents – Interesting method for outlining a TV episode (or script). By the way, if you like TV writing, read Jane’s blog.

Popular Baby Names and The Baby Name Wizard [Jane Espenson] – Two nifty sites for naming a character. To add some authenticity, these list the most popular names for each year, so if you figure out when your character was born you can give them a common name for the year (unless you want them to be unusual).

Writing and SpeedEDIT – Mid-Week Coffee Break

Five Tips for Finding Writing Time – Some pretty common writing tips, but I agree with Identify Your Productivity Zone. It’s the morning for me.

SpeedEDIT Parody – A parody commercial for SpeedEDIT, an apparently revolutionary editor that is shipping soon. It claims that the workflow breaks away from the cut-and-splice film editing methodology that is prevalent in most NLEs, but from this commercial it looks like the block clip style iMovie uses. I’m not dismissing it yet, I’m definitely curious to learn more once it comes out.

The Office Summer Vacation and an old Lego MovieMaker promotional video featuring Indiana Jones.

Rain Machine, Perfect iTunes, Speed Racer – End-of-the-Week Coffee Break

How to Make a Rain Machine [Film Flap] – The title says it all. It looks like it has enough of a spread to be quite effective.

“Perfect” iTunes Equalizer – Apparently these are the magic settings to make iTunes sound amazing. I tried it and I think it sounds great.

The Bat Whispers [DISContent] – Cool little film from the 1930s that apparently inspired Batman. Check out the awesome opening shot, after the credits.

Speed Racer [CinemaTech] – I can’t wait to see some stills from the new Wachowski Brother’s live action Speed Racer. As told by Susan Sarandon, they’re using a new camera (“…some high def thing that comes with guards…”) to keep everything in focus, like a cartoon.

Editing, Manipulation, and the Kuleshov Effect – Whether you have or have not heard of the Kuleshov effect, FreshDV has a nice video of Hitchcock demonstrating it. It’s a very powerful editing tool.

Top Gear [The Editblog] – A well made news magazine clip featuring a pretty awesome car.

The Nines, Stabilization, Flying Cameras, Sci-Fi Writing – A Jumbo End-of-the-Week Coffee Break


The Nines Production Notes – Tons of goodies about John August’s directorial debut The Nines.

Camera Stabilization Systems – Video of new stabilization systems from Cinegear. Check out the second system, the MK-V.

Segway Steadicam – It’s dangerous to run with a Steadicam and track fast moving action. Problem solved. Plus, this will save your back.

Flying Camcorder – Instructable on installing a CVS camcorder in a Zagi 400 glider.

The FStop [Strobist] – Online magazine that analyzes the set-up and execution of some amazing photographs.

11 Super Awesome Photoshop Movie Effects – A nice collection of Photojojo’s tutorials that could probably be adapted for After Effects. I’d particularly like to try 300 and Sin City.

For Those Wanting to Write a Sci-Fi Channel Original – List of the six things the Sci-Fi channel looks for in their original movies. If you were looking for a pretty blatant formula to crank out a script, here it is.

Pulp Screenwriting – Complete list of DISContent’s screenwriting posts, in order of the process.

Audio Solutions: Decapitation – Some nifty audio tricks when cutting talking heads. Reminds me of documentary editing and piecing together different bits of audio to get the message across.

No Editing Needed – Pretty awesome one-take music video that anyone who’s messed with editing will enjoy.

Advertainment: A Mexican Mortuary Viral Hit – My father is a mortician. I wish his funeral home would do something like this.

Ads, Moby, Editing, and RED – Coffee Break

Moby Film Music [FreshDV]- This is super cool. Moby has a website that lets you download his music and use it for free in independent and non-profit films. If you’re making a commercial film, you can easily apply for a website. It’d be great to see more composers do this (hint hint Philip Glass).

The 12 Kinds of Ads [Tropist] – Great presentation of the twelve categorizations of ads, with examples for each.

Editing with Michael Bay

Rubell says his biggest inspiration for editing Transformers is…Citizen Kane. “The point is, good editing is good editing regardless of genre”, says Rubell. “Is the rhythm organic? Do the characters live? Are the story points being made? Is there subtext, and if not, can we create it? There’s no such thing as a best take. There’s a best speech, or a best line, or a best word, or syllable, or look, or turn. It would be nice if actor performance could always be the sole criterion. What’s the other actor doing? What’s the camera doing? What’s the focus-puller doing? What’s the weather doing?” Scantlebury says, “I select the edit based on best performances always…if it’s in focus and you can cram a robot in there somewhere”.

PJ and the Mysterium Chip Affair [FreshDV] – OnFilm article about the shooting of Peter Jackson’s Crossing the Line with the RED ONE camera. [pdf]

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