Pitching Story Ideas

What Would Mary Do-5
Today we had to pitch ideas for our F3 to the entire class. It was more of a “this is where I’m at with my script” versus selling your idea, since anything you decide to go with will get a greenlight.

There were a few good pitches. Some even had scripts written out, while others (including myself) haven’t decided which way to go. Some pitches were concise and entertaining while others rambled, included a lot of unnecessary details and did the dreaded, “oh yeah, I forgot to mention, before she notices a picture of herself on the wall, which is really important at the end.”

Even if you’re not sure about your story, or are insecure about it, as long as you present it with confidence people will buy into it. But if you have a lot of “well…um…eh” and keep doubting yourself then no one will want to listen. It’s a balance between pitching yourself and your idea.

If you’re curious, these were my pitches:

Bernie Gerard, passed over yet again for a promotion, sells his soul to the devil for the corner office. Though his wish soon comes true, he must face the repercussions of his actions.

A corporate spy gets a new mission and must carry it out without getting caught by a counter-agent in the next cubicle.

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